Top Ten Photographer!

Many of you already know that I am very active in photography competitions both as a competitor, a mentor and as a judge.  I adore the competitions– they are a personal challenge to always try to out-do myself and to push my creativity.  I have been competing in the photography categories for several years, but this year I entered my first art case ever at the Southeastern Professional Photographers (SEPPA) competition.

Art cases are judged a bit differently than the photography, in that not only the final image is judged, but the judges also view the starting image and the digital work done to the image is also considered in the score.  It is a hugely daunting endeavor to put work in to be judged by experts in not only photography but also in digital manipulations like Photoshop and Painter.

The SEPPA competition includes photographers in thirteen states, so there is not only a LOT of competition, but there are a LOT of amazing photographers and artists who enter every year.  This was my first year entering a case in both photography and art… and drumroll please… my image scores placed me in the Top Ten for photography AND the Top Ten for art!  I can hardly believe it myself!  I am officially one of the Top Ten Photographers in the Southeast and the Top Ten Artists in the Southeast for 2016!  Holy Moly!

I can’t wait to share the images I entered, but I have to keep them top secret until after national judging this summer.  So, just stay tuned!

July Winning Prints

July Winning Prints

Olyn and I had another great month of print competition with the Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild.  This month, we each won two categories!  I won for Open/Illustrative and for Social Function while Olyn won for Commercial and Portrait of a Woman.  Here are the winning photographs:

Linda Long, Open/Illustrative:

Award winning fine art Tallahassee photographyLinda Long, Social Function:Wedding photography Tallahassee

Olyn Long, Commercial:

Tallahassee headshot photographers

Olyn Long, Portrait of a Woman:Tallahassee wedding photography

Award Winning Tallahassee Photography| Long’s Photography

Award Winning Photos

Award Winning Photos

Every year, Olyn and I compete in a variety of different photography competitions.  We compete nationally, statewide and locally, but the local competition is always my favorite.  This year, the Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild print competition was one of our most successful.  I am so proud of the images we created and the comments from the panel of judges, and I am super excited to share them here!

This year, I merited all six images in my case.  Below are my images, with their category and title:

Portrait of a Woman, “Temptress”

Tallahassee's Best Photographer

Portrait of a Woman, “Glitter”Tallahassee's best photographer Portrait of a Woman, “Little Red” Tallahassee's Best Photographer

Environmental Portrait, “Flight of Passion”Tallahassee's Best Photographer

Social Function, “Dress Up”

Tallahassee's Best Photographer

Portrait of a Woman, “Arctic Angel”     Tallahassee's Best Photographer

Olyn received merits for four of his six images.  His prints with their category and title are below:

Illustrative, “Private Eye”Tallahassee's Best Photographer

Portrait of a Woman, “Cold Hearted”Tallahassee's Best Photographer

Portrait of a Man, “Army Strong”Tallahassee's Best Photographer

Portrait of a Woman, “All the World is a Stage”  Tallahassee's Best Photographer

Award winning photography in Tallahassee| Long’s Photography      

Winning Photographs

Winning Photographs

At the May Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild meeting I was so happy to have two of my images and one image of Olyn’s win their categories!  I won for Commerical photograph and Open/Illustrative and Olyn won for Portrait of Two.

Open/Illustrative winning photograph by Linda Long of Driftwood Beach:

Award winning Jekyll island photograph Commercial winning photography by Linda Long for Tallahassee Home & Design Magazine:Tallahassee commercial photography

Award winning Portrait of Two from Jason & Efia’s Engagement Portraits by Olyn Long:Engagement photos Tallahassee

Tallahassee Award Winning Photography| Long’s Photography