Newborn Portraits

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a newborn portrait session?

Standard Portrait Session- $500
45 minute portrait session for up to eight people in studio or on location. Includes five retouched digital images (printable up to 8×10).
Saturday availability: $50 in addition to session fee.

​Upgraded Portrait Session- $1000
One hour portrait session for up to 12 people in studio or on location. Includes ten retouched digital images (printable up to 8×10).
Saturday availability: $50 in addition to session fee.

​Premium Portrait Session-  $1500

Two hour portrait session for up to 15 people in studio or on location. Includes 30 retouched digital images (printable up to 8×10).
Saturday availability: $50 in addition to session fee.

We also have packages that capture the baby’s first year.  These have a variety of sessions, options and digital images, that can save you lots!

Watch Me Grow Basic Package- $750 
-Up to three studio sessions in your child’s first year (Generally newborn, six months and 12 months)
-Five retouched digital images per session (printable up to 8×10)
-Choice of one background and two outfits per session
-Additional fees apply for adding family members, location sessions or weekend times.

Watch Me Grow Standard Package- $2000 
-Up to five studio sessions in your child’s first year (Generally newborn, three months, six months and 12 months)
-10 retouched digital images per session (printable up to 8×10)
-Choice of two backgrounds and up to three outfits per session
-One session may include family
-One session may be done on location
-Additional fees apply for weekend times or family/location sessions beyond what is included

Watch Me Grow Premium Package- $3,500  
-Up to five sessions in your child’s first year (Generally newborn, three months, six months and 12 months)
-20 retouched digital images per session (printable up to 8×10)
-Choice of three backgrounds and up to three outfits per session
-All sessions can include family
-All sessions can be done in studio or on location
-Additional fees apply for weekend times

We have you come back to the studio (or meet on Zoom) the week following your portrait session to review the images and help make your selections.  If you like, additional digital images are available for $50 each, or you can choose to invest in wall portraits, albums, etc.

When should we schedule our session?

Ideally, we like to have newborns in the studio before they are two weeks old. Babies change so much in the first month and the first two weeks are when we have the chance to get all the snuggly, sweet sleeping baby images. After the two week mark, many babies get “baby acne” which can last 6-8 weeks. At that time they also start their first big growth spurt and it can be difficult to get them to settle down away from mom. If you can call the studio either from the hospital or as soon as you get home, we can get you on the calendar as soon as possible.

How long does the session take?

A family newborn session can sometimes take 3 hours. A single child newborn session often lasts 2-3 hours.  The Petite Newborn session is only an hour. The session completely depends on how much the baby sleeps! Its really important to us that our new parents view this as a relaxing, stress-free experience, so we never rush a newborn session. As we work with the baby, many of our moms have some quiet time on the couch and a few even nod off! If Dad is in the images and needs to return to work quickly, we can generally capture all the images with him in about an hour.

What should we bring for the session?

Newborn sessions generally take longer than any other kind of session. You should come prepared to spend two hours at the studio. This includes everything for baby– clothing, diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, burp cloths, blankets, and any special items you would like included in the portraits. If mom and dad are to be included in the session, you should bring your clothing for the session and a change of clothes, just in case!

How many different outfits can we do for the session?

We do a variety of clothed, wrapped and naked images in our Standard Newborn Session.  The Petite Newborn Session includes one outfit and two wrapped looks.  We have a good variety of tiny newborn outfits here at the studio that you are welcome to use.  You are also welcome to bring an outfit or two for your newborn portrait session, but outfit changes often make it difficult to keep the baby asleep and could possibly reduce the variety of images we are able to create.

Do you have clothing and props at the studio?

We have a limited amount of clothing for baby– footed pajamas, dresses, rompers, tutus, etc. but we do have a wide selection of props. You are always welcome to email to ask about a specific prop or idea, or you can also come hunt through our prop room to see what you like! If you have any “must have” item for your session, please let us know so we can be prepared.

How far in advance should we schedule our newborn session?

Since we want to photograph newborns when they are as young as possible, we try to schedule the session as soon as we can. If you can contact us from the hospital when the doctor says you are going home, we should be able to fit you in within the next two weeks.  If you pay your session fee in advance, we will reserve one session spot per week starting a week before your due date.

What should we bring to the portrait session?

Bring anything you may need to care for the baby– diapers, bottles, pacifier, extra clothes, etc.  Also bring things for yourself such as a tablet, book or snack since these sessions can last a few hours!

You are also welcome to bring things to incorporate into the images.  If there is a theme to the nursery, a stuffed animal that is important, a heirloom blanket, etc. please bring it with you!  You can bring as much as you wish and Linda will go through it all and use whatever she can that works!  If there is a prop, hat, headband, etc. you have seen in our portfolio, please contact us to ensure availability and sizing.

What if they have a blemish?

Newborn babies are almost always going to have blemishes and skin issues.  Scratches, acne, peeling, etc are totally normal and to be expected.  If your baby has specific trauma from birth, please just let us know when you schedule your session.  We retouch all of your images before you ever see them and minor imperfections are corrected as part of the session fee.

What if they get sick?

The health of our tiniest clients is a high priority for us.  If you think something is wrong, PLEASE go directly to the doctor and let us know when you can!  We will do everything we can to reschedule your session as soon as the baby is ready!

When do we see the images and order?

About a week after your portrait session, we have you come into the studio for your order session. At this session we show you all the final images and show you a variety of products including designed pieces, wall portraits, frames, canvases, storyboards, etc. It is best that anyone involved in making the purchase is present at this session, as many of the products are only available at this time and this session gives you the best pricing for all of our products. Orders are sent to the lab immediately after the order session and most orders are ready for pickup in two to four weeks.

Want More?

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