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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule my maternity session?

For most women, we recommend the session be between 32 and 36 weeks. We want to be sure the belly is really showing, but not wait until the very end when most women are uncomfortable. Many babies have surprised us as well and arrived before we could get the session in! The best bet is to contact the studio at 30 weeks and we can get you on the calendar!

What should I bring for my session?

We recommend a solid color button up shirt, yoga pants, a bandeau top or a strapless bra, your pre-pregnancy jeans, and any other outfit you feel confident in. We also recommend you bring any items that will have special meaning for the baby– a teddy bear, blanket, toy, etc. If Dad will be in the images, we recommend he wear jeans or khaki pants and bring a long-sleeve solid black and long-sleeve solid white shirt.

Can we do the session on location?

Absolutely!  The session fee covers either a location or a studio session.  Generally, studio sessions show more skin where location sessions are fully covered.  For studio sessions, we have maternity dresses and wraps to cover you, while location sessions are done with your own wardrobe only.

How much is a maternity session?

Maternity sessions are $250 and include the session on location or in the studio, enhanced retouching of all the final images and an in studio order session to make your purchase decisions.  All prints, products and digital files are purchased separately from the session fee, but there is no minimum order.  

How far in advance should we schedule our session?

If you are looking for portraits on a specific date or time, it is best to contact the studio as soon as possible to ensure you can reserve that time before anyone else does. If you have a more flexible schedule, we can generally get you on the calendar within two weeks of contacting the studio. In busier times of year such as Spring or Christmas, it is best to plan your session 4-5 weeks in advance.

How long does the session take?

Most sessions are right about an hour. Family maternity sessions may take a little longer, especially if we include the big brother or sister.

Who can be included in the session?

The session can be just mom, or you can choose to include Dad and any big brothers or sisters! When family is included, we will do images of mom alone, mom and dad, the whole family etc. We work to give you lots of variety in your images!

What if one of us has a blemish?

Small blemishes, bruises and scratches should not be cause for worry. We retouch all of your images before you ever see them and these minor imperfections are not a problem. With more significant issues such as large scratches, black eyes, etc. you should contact the studio immediately to consult about rescheduling the portrait session.

What if we get sick or the weather is bad?

Sick children are not fun, they are not happy and they do not make for good photographs. They also expose us and our other clients to illness, so we ask that you reschedule your session if your child is not well. Please be courteous to both us and our other clients and notify us as soon as your child becomes ill, so that we may reschedule your session and offer the original time to another client.

For outdoor sessions, we closely monitor the weather and we will notify you if we need to reschedule due to bad weather.  Tallahassee is notorious for quick storms where only small parts of town are affected, but certain locations get muddy and unusable with even a small amount of rain.  

When do we see the images and order?

About a week after your portrait session, we have you come into the studio for your order session. At this session we show you all the final images and show you a variety of products including designed pieces, wall portraits, frames, canvases, storyboards, etc. It is best that anyone involved in making the purchase is present at this session, as many of the products are only available at this time and this session gives you the best pricing for all of our products. Orders are sent for retouching immediately after the order session and most orders are ready for pickup in three to four weeks.

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Grullon Family

Grullon Family

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The Hall Family

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The very first time I photographed AnnaMarie was for her first maternity session.  After lots of sessions with them for that baby's first year, it looked like a maternity session was on the back burner, but I would definitely be photographing baby sister when she...


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