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A girl set out on an incredible journey, leaving her enchanted homeland called South Carolina to pursue her dreams in a far away place called Tallahassee. She joined a very special tribe called the Seminoles and studied the local culture of politics. But one day, (after a lot of lessons, two degrees and a TON of student loan debt), Linda received an omen that changed the course of her journey.

A hobby lost from her youth, Linda picked her camera back up in 2004 and rediscovered her love of photography. On a wing and a prayer, she founded Long’s Photography that year and began photographing weddings. She brought her love, laughter and ambition to create beautiful, contemporary wedding images and soon Long’s Photography began to grow.

As she became a mother, and the journey for Long’s Photography also changed.  Her passion for portrait art expanded to include babies and families. Linda’s vast experience with children quickly made Long’s Photography Tallahassee’s premier wedding and portrait studio. Through her grand journey she has met many magical, wonderful enchanting people and those people embraced Long’s Photography and Linda’s dreams. The business thrived with praise from clients, awards from the industry and acclaim from the community, but Linda’s journey is not yet complete. There is art yet to make, baby giggles not yet captured, and memories left to be made. Won’t you join as part of this grand adventure?

Linda Long

Linda Long

Photographer, Owner

Master Photographer
Photographic Craftsman
Certified Professional Photographer

A true Carolina Girl, Linda came to Tallahassee in 1998 from the Palmetto state to become a Seminole. Still a loyal Clemson Tiger fan, Linda adores college football and her fall Saturdays revolve around gameday. With a severe addiction to Diet cherry Dr. Pepper, Linda is often on a caffeine high as she juggles the busy studio, her amazing husband Austin and four wild kids at home. She has an obsession with all things bulldog, loves things that sparkle and her favorite color is purple. She is a real nerd and plays word games and reads books non-stop. She has lots of awards for her photography, but still finds the hugs from her smallest clients to be the most rewarding part of her job.

Awards and Accolades


2017 Florida Photographer of the Year


Awards and Accolades


2018, 2016, 2015 and 2014 Florida Top Ten Photographer


Awards and Accolades


2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011 and 2009 Tallahassee Photographer of the Year


Awards and Accolades


2016 Southeast Top Ten Photographer and Top Ten Artist


Awards and Accolades


2016 Becker Award Winner


Awards and Accolades


2017 and 2018 American Society of Photography State Elite Winner


Awards and Accolades


2017 and 2018 Certified Professional Photographer Award for Florida


Awards and Accolades

Florida Professional Photographers

Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence

Florida Service Award

Florida Education Degree



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