Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "headshots"? Can it be more than just head and shoulders?

“Headshots” is the term we use for executive portraits, actor portfolio images, model comp card images, etc. Most professionals who need an image for work- website, business cards, etc. need a headshot session.  The session fee includes only a head and shoulders image, but for a small upgrade fee you can do half body or even full length.

How long is the session?

These are our quickest sessions, since we are photographing a single adult. Sessions last 20-30 minutes in our studio. Then, we have you go directly into our order room to select the file that you would like retouched. You will also have the opportunity to purchase additional digital files at this time. If you wish to make your selections online, an online gallery is available for $50.

Can I do multiple outfits or backgrounds?

Sure! To include a change of clothing or background, we just have you pre-purchase an additional digital image ($75) for each change that you need.

How much is a headshot session?

Headshot sessions are $175 and include the studio session and one high resolution retouched digital file chosen immediately after the portrait session.  Additional images may be purchased for $75 each.  If you are unable to select your image at the studio or you need other’s input on your selection, an online gallery can be added for $50.  This includes a head and shoulder image only, but you can upgrade to half or full body for a small upgrade.

If you are looking to do headshots for a group, a custom quote can be created to suit your exact needs. Contact the studio to let us know the details of what you are looking for. 

What can I do with the finished image?

All images are delivered in high resolution format two business days after the session by digital download and may be used for business cards, websites, comp cards, etc. They are retouched and print quality, but you can easily resize them for web use.

What about hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup are very personal choices and vary dramatically between women. We can arrange for our preferred stylist to do both your hair and makeup at the studio or on location for a $150 upgrade. Hair should always be worn loose and do not use any lotion or foundation that includes SPF. Makeup is generally focused on a more dramatic eye- with false lashes as an extra touch of drama. Lots of mascara and lip gloss are a must, but don’t go way overboard from your normal makeup styling– you should still look like YOU!

How long does it take to get the retouched image back?

Immediately after your portrait session, we will take you into the order session and download the images. From those raw images, you make your selections and most purchases are retouched and sent to you within three business days. If you have an urgent request or are working on a deadline, please let us know when you schedule your session so we can be sure that delivery is possible for what you need.

What should I wear for my session?

There are a wide variety of things you can wear– from a suit to a shirt and tie or blouse, or even a polo with the company logo on it.  You should look the way your target audience is likely to see you– if you are someone who wears a suit everyday, then a suit is the best choice for you!  If you are someone a bit more casual, then try to choose something a little more casual.  Darker colors tend to be slimming and tops with sleeves help slim arms.  Try to choose solid colors, as patterns can be distracting or busy.  For colors, you may want to select a signature color, a color that is used in your marketing or colors that match your website.

What if I have a blemish?

Its not a problem! Boudoir images are retouched more heavily than other sessions, so those things are not something to worry about! Unless something major has happened that dramatically alters your appearance, you should keep your scheduled session.

What if I cannot choose the image on the spot, or I need input from work for my choice?

No problem! Its just a $50 fee to have a watermarked gallery of all the unretouched images from the session posted online for nine days.

Can we do the headshot session in my office? At the park? At the Capitol?

Sure! For an individual headshot session, its just a $100 location fee. If you are looking to have an entire office or a large group of people photographed, contact the studio and we can do a custom quote to do the headshots on location for you.


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