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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs real estate photography?

Real estate photography is used for a variety of different reasons.  If you are selling a home, professional real estate photos help get top dollar and make sales happen even faster!  If you are renting a property, professional real estate images help you stand out from the crowd and attract more renters.  Hotels, Inns and other vacation properties also benefit greatly from beautiful images that showcase the property.  If you are a builder, showing your work online helps attract new clients.  Really any business can benefit from professional imagery– give clients an online tour, showcase what your facility has to offer and build  brand recognition as they can recognize your location!

How much is real estate photography?

All of our real estate photography is done on a quote basis.  Quotes start at $300 for small properties and are based on the size of the property, how many images are needed and the amount of work required. 

Do you photograph properties outside Tallahassee?

Absolutely!  We have photographed real estate throughout the Southeast!  Projects are quoted including travel costs, so please feel free to contact the studio with the specifics of your project!


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