Limited Edition Portraits

Throughout the year, we offer a handful of Limited Edition portrait events such as Santa, Ducks & Bunnies, Angel Babies, Mud Puddles, and Ties & Tutus.  Below is information about our most popular Limited Edition sessions, but be sure to join our newsletter and follow us on social media to hear about any new events or specials!

Ducks and Bunnies

Generally scheduled in the month of March, this is our most popular Limited Edition session!  Each session can include up to six, so you can have family portraits or just the kids!

The 30 minute sessions are photographed in our studio gardens and your child can interact with our live baby bunnies and ducklings!

Mud Puddles

Our wildest, messiest portrait event of the year!  Mud Puddle sessions are generally offered in the late Spring or early Summer.  Each 30 minute session can accommodate up to four children ages six months and up. 

They get to splash, make mud pies and even throw some mud around during these sessions!  They are crazy fun and the images really capture an innocent time of pure joy!

Ties & Tutus

When its too hot to play outside, we bring the kids into the studio to play dress-up!  They can choose any of the dress up items we have in our packed prop room!  We have dozens of ties, tutus, dresses and hundreds of hair accessories that they can choose from!

Each 30 minute session can accommodate up to four children ages six months to six years.

Angel Babies

The Angel Baby wings only come out of storage for one day each year!  These sweet sessions really capture the beauty and innocence of young children!

Each 30 minute session can accommodate two children ages six months to four years and include the use of our angel wings along with any tutus, dresses, overalls, or hair accessories that you like!

Storybook Santa

Probably our most iconic Limited Edition portrait sessions, the Storybook Santa experience transports your child to the North Pole where they get some one-on-one play time with the big man in red!

All sessions are by appointment only and give you a private, uninterrupted visit with St. Nick.  Your child is mailed a personalized letter from Santa before the session with a special wish list for them to fill out.  The 30 minute visit with Santa is followed by some time for them to play with the elves and feast on cookies and milk while you view the unretouched images and place your order!

Want More?

The gallery above shows some favorite images from countless portrait sessions over the years!  The blog posts below show our recent work with kids in our Tallahassee studio or on location! You can also use the search bar below to find specific things on the blog!


Angel Babies

Angel Babies

The Angel Babies Mini-Sessions never disappoint!  I love doing these sessions, letting the kids play dress up and capturing such sweet, timeless images!  Here are just a few favorites from an awesome day of sessions!  Children's Portrait Photography by Long's...

2020 Storybook Santa

2020 Storybook Santa

Storybook Santa sessions have easily become my favorite thing to photograph.  Watching the children absolutely light up when they see St. Nick or watching their disbelief when he calls them by name or uses his magic to start the snowglobe... it fills my heart with joy...

Storybook Santa 2019

Storybook Santa 2019

The Storybook Santa Sessions have quickly become my favorite thing to photograph.  Its honestly magical to watch these children play and laugh with Santa.  There is so much love, goodness and joy in each of these sessions its honestly such an honor to capture these...


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