I have posted many times in the past about crowds at Westcott fountain and the Unconquered statue as graduation approaches.  For Tiernan’s session, we did the evening of Easter Sunday with the hopes that we could avoid the crowds. Even with the holiday, we waited over an hour just to get our time in front of the fountain. 

These kinds of crowds make it virtually impossible for me to create the kind of images I want to create for my graduating clients.    For more examples of this, check out my blog post at: https://www.longsphotography.com/fsu-graduation-photos/ 

 Moving forward, the month preceding graduation, I will only be able to offer evening or sunrise sessions so that we can avoid the crowds.  

For Tiernan, we didn’t intend for it to be nearly dark, but with the crowds and the wait, it was what we had to work with.  I actually prefer Westcott at dusk- the lights come on and the sky has beautiful color.  I am so glad we were able to make his session happen despite the crowds!


Florida State University Graduation Photography by Long’s Photography