I would bet that if you polled all the moms in Tallahassee, the vast majority would say that they need an updated family portrait.  There is ALWAYS a reason why to put it off- we want to lose weight, wait for life to slow down, wait for better weather, wait for a milestone, etc.  What they don’t realize is that NOW is the best time to capture your family.  Most of those concerns we have answers for– Linda will pose and light you in a flattering way, making you look as though you have lost weight; we can do a studio session if its too hot or cold for you in Tallahassee, and we are there to help with every aspect so even if you are busy, we can make it happen!

 You never know what tomorrow holds.  Families change- people pass, divorce happens, kids grow up and move away, etc.  The “now” is so important because it is a fleeting moment.  Preserving these memories will help to keep them alive even after everything changes.  The portraits you create today are the prized possessions of your future self.

We all have cameras with us at all times, in our cell phones.  We capture more images in a year than our parents probably did in their entire lifetime, but that certainly doesn’t mean that all those images are art.  Even if you get a great cell phone image, making it into a large wall portrait is often impossible.   A professional photographer’s skill and experience sets them apart from a nonprofessional, as they will know exactly how to light and frame your family’s special moments. Furthermore, the quality of our cameras and knowledge of what poses look best on camera will enable you to have the most stunning and timeless portrait photographs possible.

Family portraits help children feel the family bond by providing a tangible representation of the family’s love and relationships when the children are growing up. Looking at a photo of the family creates a feeling of nostalgia for the time spent together and gives the children a visual understanding of the bond they have with their parents and siblings. For older children, a family portrait can become a very meaningful keepsake, reminding them of the home and family they grew up with.

In addition, a family portrait also demonstrates to children that their family is important to them and that their parents are committed to their wellbeing and happiness. Seeing the family in a photo together creates a sense of unity, showing that even though life is ever-changing, their family is always there and they belong.

Lastly, having professional family portraits take can help enhance the feeling of a shared experience that the family has together. Rather than just looking at old photos, having a new professional portrait helps create a special moment that is shared and can be looked back on fondly for many years to come.

We are here to help when you decide the time is right for your next family portrait!  We help you through the entire process- scheduling and choosing your location, we can help you select the color palette and wardrobe and we even help you design the perfect wall portrait, wall collection or album to display your images!  If you are thinking of a new portrait or just have questions, please reach out, we would love to see how we can help you!



Family Photography in Tallahassee by Long’s Photography