Some of you may have noticed the flurry of posts today or when looking through the archives, you see a LOT of posts with today’s date. That is in large part thanks to Ryan Kline with WP Tallahassee! https://www.wptallahassee.com

After countless trouble with GoDaddy, I posted to Facebook about my frustrations and horrible experience. Ryan immediately messaged me and asked to help. I was probably a dozen phone calls in to GoDaddy, wasting hours of my time. My website and files were a MESS. The site had been redesigned four times over ten years and GoDaddy told me that I needed to start over, that no one could unravel the knot my site had become.

I shared these thoughts with Ryan, thinking I had lost years of blog entries and archives. Within a few hours, Ryan came back to me with questions and solutions. He not only unraveled the mess, but recovered data that they claimed was lost and was always there when I had a question or needed anything.

He moved my site from the horrible corporate maze that is GoDaddy and now has my site hosted locally here in Tallahassee. I no longer have to call a 1-800 number and spend hours listening to muzak only to be told that no help is available. I have a real, live person who understands my business, what my site needs to do and who can explain things in ways that I can understand. Thank you Ryan, and thank you WPTallahassee for saving the day!