Its time to vote!  Posted below are all of our Cute Baby Contest entries!  (So glad I don’t have to vote, there are too many cuties to choose from!)  To vote, click the bolded link below and select the baby you would like to win.  You may vote once per day per email address.  Voting more than once per day will disqualify all the votes from that email address.  You may only vote from your own email address– if you vote from other people’s email, that baby will be disqualified from the contest.  These contests are great fun, but everyone has to play by the rules! 🙂

Voting will be open from January 26th until noon on February 9th.

If you missed the information to enter the contest, then you must not be on the Long’s Photography Facebook page!  Be sure to go to Facebook and “like” Long’s Photography to hear the latest contests, specials, model calls and other fun!

Voting is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who voted.  Once the email addresses are verified and the final vote count is complete, we will post the winner at www.LongsPhotography.com