One of our New Year’s Resolutions was to take on more personal photography projects.  An idea that we have had for a long time is to photograph the people that make Tallahassee such an amazing place.  By that, we don’t mean the mayor, city council, etc.  We want to hear about the most interesting people who live in the Capital City.  Whether it is an inspiring teacher, a nurse, firefighter, a father, brother, soldier, quirky local personality, or just someone that you feel is amazing.  These are the people who have impacted your lives, who bring a smile to your face, who are fighting the battles, or who you just feel are part of what makes Tallahassee the great town that it is.

You can nominate ANYONE you want to.  Just email Linda@LongsPhotography and tell me about them.  You don’t have to write a novel, just tell me what is special about them.  Olyn and I plan to select and photograph the 12 Most Interesting People throughout the year.  For being photographed, each “Interesting Person” will receive a framed print from their session.