When you hire a photographer, you might think you are just hiring a single company that stands completely alone.  But for many photographers, we are part of local, state and national organizations that support one another and the entire industry as a whole.  Here in Tallahassee, the Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild (TPPG) is a very tight knit group not just with our friendships, but also in the amount of support we give each other.

So, when I got a phone call at 6:45 in the morning asking for help, the answer was yes before the question was finished.  The concern on my side was never about the work, but the help of my friend and fellow photographer, Charlotte Fristoe.  If you know Charlotte, she is one of the most hard working, dedicated people you will ever meet.  While photographing a wedding, Charlotte actually had a brain aneurysm rupture and through her commitment to her work, she finished photographing the wedding.  When the stubborn girl finally went to the emergency room, she had to have brain surgery and her biggest worry was getting other photographers to cover her upcoming weddings!

I was honestly honored that I was Charlotte’s first choice to photograph Katherine and Andy’s Tallahassee wedding.  I got to meet them less than two weeks before the wedding and I just fell in love with them.  They are so laid back and their joy was absolutely contagious.  When talking about the wedding their focus was in the absolute right place– in their love and love for Katherine’s daughter.  After meeting them I was thrilled to capture their day and celebrate not only their union but also their new family!

Before the end of the night, Charlotte had already texted me to check in on the day.  I swear that girl is counting down the days until she can get back to work!  Since I had to rush out of town after the wedding, two other TPPG members- Kylene Gay (www.kyleneandryan.com) and Steven Saccio  (www.stevensaccio.com) covered the end of the reception so I wouldn’t have to leave too late.  It was such a team effort and I am even more proud to be a TPPG member and call these amazing professionals my friends!

So, congratulations to Katherine and Andy and a huge get well to Charlotte Fristoe!

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