The studio has been so busy in the last year that I have neglected to post a LOT of celebration posts about how my images have done in competition!  I have made a New Years resolution to celebrate more and share with y’all all the exciting news!!

This month at the Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild meeting my images won Best Group Portrait and Best Portrait of a Child… and then I won the overall Print of the Month!  Yay!  Its even more meaningful to me because of the images that won these titles.

The group image of the Charles family is one I adore not only because its a great family portrait, but because I love the people IN the photo.  I have been photographing the Charles family since their oldest was a toddler and each and every session is awesome, memorable and a heck of a lot of fun!  

The portrait of a child is a story near and dear to my heart and it is an image of healing, self love and growth.  Almost daily I have someone mention Bri’s story or the Phoenix Project I am currently working on.  To read more about Bri and the Phoenix Project, go to: https://www.longsphotography.com/tallahassee-photographer-charity-phoenix-project


Tallahassee Award Winning Photography by Long’s Photography