In the last six years, we have done a lot of advertising and through all our different efforts, we really learned that our best clients come to us because they saw our work from their friends or family.  We have asked our clients to share their experiences and this last year our client base has again dramatically grown, almost entirely from referrals of existing clients.  Thank you!

So when we sat down to plan out 2011, we decided not to spend money on expensive advertising, but to turn around and give rewards to those clients who are singing our praises.  So, for 2011, when you place a qualifying order in the studio you will be given referral cards.  If someone you refer brings in your card and books a regularly priced session, they get a $25 print credit with their session AND you also get a $25 credit.  Each referral card that comes in will also be placed in a bowl and we will draw each month from those referring clients to win extra prizes.

We will also be rewarding the top three referrers of the year.  Each card of yours that comes in will be entered in the monthly drawings, but will also count as points for the end of the year.  The winning referrer will receive $1,000 in prizes, 2nd place will receive $500 in prizes and third will receive $250 in prizes.

This is our way of thanking you for helping to make Long’s Photography a success!  As always, if you have any questions, or if there is anything we can help with, just let us know!