My name is Linda and I am addicted to bulldogs.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right??  My first dog was a bulldog and she was the greatest dog ever.  (Completely non-biased opinion here).  Ever since, I go bonkers for any roly, snorty, chubby, wiggly bulldog.  A bulldog puppy?  Yeah… that’s like my version of crack!

So, when a good friend happened to mention that he was dog sitting a bulldog puppy… yeah… well… I puppy-napped the bulldog.  In exchange for some snorty puppy kisses, I spent some time photographing Chipper here at the studio.  I spent the rest of the time playing and snuggling, but at least there was a part of the day that was productive!

So brace yourself for the irresistible cuteness of Chipper the bulldog!

chip5 chip4 chip3 chip2 chip1