Thank you to everyone for the kind emails and FB messages making sure we were OK, since the blog updates were a bit slow this month.  We are more than fine, we are great!  Just crazy busy! 🙂

At the beginning of the month, we traveled to Orlando for the Florida Professional Photographers’ annual print competition.  The results were super exciting for us!  We entered albums for the first time in competition and BOTH of our albums received merits!  Then, at the banquet we learned that our albums had placed second and third statewide in their category.  Then, we received the Reedy Album Award for first time entry of albums!  To say were were shocked is an understatement!  Two of my prints also received merits, so it to put it mildly, it was an absolutely amazing competition for us!

I was also recognized at the banquet, receiving the Outstanding Service Award for the work I have been doing with the Tallahassee Professional Photographers’ Guild.  Coming back to Tallahassee, Olyn and I had a short amount of time to prepare for the program we were presenting to the Guild on workflow and time management.  That presentation was last week and was a great success!  We are now scheduled to travel to other guilds to teach more photographers!

Olyn and I are completely overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion to this great group of photographers we have the pleasure of working with, learning from and giving back to.  Through their support and guidance, we have both become better photographers.  Thank you so much to our clients for their support, their cheerleading and their excitement.  Sharing our successes with you is so awesome!  And a HUGE thank you to our families who are the people who keep us sane!  We are truly two of the luckiest people in the world!