In celebration of July 4th and to honor the families who sacrifice so much for our American way of life, Long’s Photography is honored to announce Operation Homefire– a one day mini boudoir marathon event for military wives.  Any wife of active duty military may schedule a no cost 30 minute boudoir portrait session on June 26th, 2010.

We want to send a little love to the husbands who have to be away from their families and who stand for everything that makes this nation so great.  Through Operation Homefire we are making those wives back here in the states feel beautiful and glamorous and sending a message to the husbands far from home that the homefires are indeed still burning.  😉

We are thrilled to also include professional hair styling and makeup thanks to our wonderful partners!!


Kaley McRae, The Mane Event Salon,850.443.8900

Morgan Cartright, The Mane Event Salon, 850.933.7923

If you are interested in scheduling your session, please contact Linda Long at Linda@LongsPhotography.com or at the studio 850.339.5799  To qualify for a session you must be married to an active duty military personnel (or yourself active duty military) and you will be required to present your Dept. of Defense ID at the session.