I think its easy for a lot of brides to lose focus with their weddings.  They get so wrapped up in the exact right shade of pink that the whole day becomes more of a production than a true celebration.  Mandi is the opposite.  She prepared and expected for some things to not be exactly right.  She laughed when there were a few bumps in the road and when things couldn’t go exactly as planned, she laughed and shrugged.  Mandi is a dream bride.  🙂

Adam isn’t so bad himself, but I do have to admit I had a great laugh as he is totally superstitious and absolutely PANICKED about seeing Mandi before the ceremony.  If I wasn’t a nicer person, I would have totally played it up and made him actually hide!

We had such an amazing time with them both and I love how much they focused on their relationship, their friendships and their families.


Ceremony: Faith Presbyterian Church

Reception: Los Robles Women’s Club

Cake: Katie’s Cakes

Florist: Flowers By Vince

Band: Crooked Shooz