Its been almost two months since Bella, our bulldog, passed away.  She was my first dog and such an amazing friend.  We have definitely been feeling her loss in our family and the house just seemed empty without her.  Even our other dog, Beau, has been lonely and out of sorts.

We made the decision to add another puppy to our family not as a replacement, but as a new friend who will find her own role in our crazy family.  We also decided that she won’t just be a puppy to stay at our house, but we are hoping to make her a studio dog as well.  So, she is joining us at the studio almost every day and keeping me company while I edit.  We are hoping to train her well enough that she will be an assistant in some portrait sessions– at least in getting the kiddos to smile!

So, if you come by the studio anytime soon, be sure to ask to see her and please overlook her whining in my office while we do sessions!  🙂

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