I have been photographing graduation portraits at FSU for more than ten years and in that time it has changed DRAMATICALLY.  When I started a few people did portrait sessions at Westcott or Unconquered, but it wasn’t hard even close to graduation to get the images I needed.  In the last few years, I can barely get a session done a month before graduation due to the lines and crowds.  For more examples of this, check out my blog post at: https://www.longsphotography.com/fsu-graduation-photos/

So, for Jeremy’s graduation session I knew we needed to do the session either more than a month before graduation or after graduation.  Now that we have done his session, I would strongly encourage more people to book their sessions after graduation.  There is NO way we could get images in front of Westcott without people in the background before graduation.  Even more than that, we captured an image of Jeremy with his car in front of Doak Campbell without a ton of people and cars!  Even though the weather is definitely warmer during the summer, its totally worth it for this kind of results!


Florida State University Graduation Photography by Long’s Photography