Photography competition is a passion of mine.  I have learned more from competition than any other source in my photographic career.  Through competition, I have stretched my creativity and my technical skills.  I am humbled and indebted to so many photographers and judges who have guided me, given advice, provided critique or who have fought for my images.

This summer, I entered the Professional Photographers of America International Print Competition.  Of my four entries, all four were selected by the judges as merit prints.  Once the judges select the merit prints, they review them again to select the very best to be in the “loan collection”.  I am so overwhelmed to say that three of my four were selected as “loan collection” prints.  With the PPA competition, meriting all your images and loaning three is called “going platinum” and its an achievement not a lot of photographers get to claim in their careers!  Needless to say, I was overjoyed and elated as I watched judging this year!

Only a week after the International Print Competition, I entered six images in the Florida Professional Photographers annual competition.  Three of my images received merits, but one of my images, “Frozen”,  was selected as First Place in the Illustrative Open category and also as Best in Show for the entire Illustrative category.  With the combined scores of all my images, I earned a spot as one of Florida’s Top Ten Photographers for 2014.

I am already working on new images for next year’s round of competitions.  I am so thankful to everyone who has sent messages of congratulations.  Your support means the world to me!  Without further adieu, here are my competition images!

“Frozen”, FPP First Place Illustrative Open, Best in Show Illustrative:frozen

“Possessed”, FPP Merit Imagezombie“Force of Nature”, PPA Merit and Loanforce “Entangled”, PPA Merit and Loan, FPP Meritentangled “Unconquered”, PPA Merit Imageunconquered “Unwrapped”, PPA Merit and Loan Image