As many of you know, we have been having some difficulties with our website over the last two weeks.  While technical difficulties are incredibly frustrating, we were working to correct the website while also planning to update some of our galleries.  At the same time, we were notified that another local photographer’s blog design was eerily similar.  When we looked into it, there was no denying that this photographer had deliberately mimicked our blog– down to colors and fonts.

Initially upset that our website had yet again been copied, Olyn and I decided to take this as an opportunity to be better and try to stay a step ahead of the copiers.  So, although not ideally timed, as we are coming out of the technical glitches, we are also rapidly switching to a new layout.  We hope that the new layout has some features that you like, that you find it easier to use and makes you want to come back.  We are sure to have a few hiccups in the next week as it all goes live, but if there is anything you like, anything you don’t or something that just doesn’t look quite right, please email and let us know!

As always, thank you so much for your support and for being the best clients in the universe!