Olyn and I are shamelessly addicted to Facebook– seriously, I must check it 5 times a day!  I am so naturally nosey that watching everyone’s status updates just fulfills a guilty pleasure for me!  We have so much fun seeing all the comments when we tag our clients in images or when we do giveaways on our Facebook fan page.  So… we want to do more of that!

We want to expand the Long’s Photography fan page, so if we can get 500 fans by the end of the month, we will be doing monthly giveaways on Facebook!  So, just click the link at the top right of the page to go to our Facebook page and join as a fan.  Recruit your friends and family to join as well– we really want to hit 500 fans and give away some awesome prizes.  Go join and then watch as we have contests and Facebook only specials!