I photograph headshots all the time in our Tallahassee studio, but its not often that I get a chance to photograph big personalities, let alone in their natural environment!  When I first met Will Dance and his producer, Junior, it was obvious that we needed to do their new marketing headshots in the radio station where they broadcast The Will Dance Show.  Since Will is known as “The Pirate Hunter” and its a conservative talk radio show and station, I knew that there were several elements I really wanted to include.  I wanted the obvious pirate flag in the headshot, but also the color red, strength and having Will face to the right representing his right wing beliefs.  I loved getting to know the guys, I had so much fun with the creative freedom that they gave me and while some of the images might look tough I can honestly say we were bursting into laughter between each one.  Thanks again Will and Junior for bringing me out to the Tallahassee station for your new headshots!