It’s voting time again!  This time we are looking for Tallahassee’s Favorite Family! Voting will be open from September 13th until September 20th at noon.  You may vote once per email address, but the voting rules are very strict!!  Be sure to read over the rules!

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Please select the link below to enter your vote.  You may vote once per day per email address.   If you vote more than once per day with an email address, all votes from that email will be disqualified.  You may only vote with your own email address!! If you use other people’s emails to submit votes those votes will all be thrown out and the contestant will be disqualified.  All email addresses will be verified by a contact to that address.  By voting, you are enrolling in our monthly email newsletter, but we will not sell or share your address with anyone and you can opt out of our newsletter at any time.  All invalid address votes will be disqualified, including any that require additional steps or verification for the email to go through.  Please vote only with an email address where you can receive mail– if you are not allowed to receive personal email at an address, please do not use it for voting.  :)

Voting has now closed.  Thank you to everyone for voting!