One of the last mini-session offerings of 2017, we will have family mini-sessions available at Dorothy  Oven Park on November 11th.  The $69 family session fee accommodates up to a family of eight (people and pets)!  Each mini-session can accommodate up to a family of six people or pets.  The nonrefundable session fee includes the 30 minute session, retouching of all the final images  and an in-studio order session to assist with your purchase decisions.  Session times are all first come first serve and all session fees are nonrefundable.    All prints, digital files and products are purchased separately, with no minimum order.  Discounted packages are available at the order session, or you may choose from the a la carte pricing menu.  For more pricing information, visit the Print Pricing Page.

To reserve your session, contact the studio at 850.339.579, email Info@LongsPhotography.com or book online at: Dorothy Oven Mini-Sessions

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