I hate writing this blog post.  I really really hate it.  Why?  Because it means that Ryan’s baby photo plan is really and truly over!!  (You should be picturing me sitting at my desk stomping my feet in a very temper-tantrum like manner right now.)  I adore this kid and his parents are some of my very favorite people.  I really really hate the idea of not seeing them all the time and getting to hang out with this hilarious little dude!  Since they live just around the corner from the studio, I might just have to become a bit of a stalker… 🙂

For Ryan’s one year session we headed downtown and let mom and dad join in on the fun this time!  Ryan is such a busy dude now I was so thankful to be outside to give him the space to run and play! Tallahassee family photographyTallahassee family photographyTallahassee family photographyTallahassee family photography  Tallahassee family photography

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