I am not a morning person.  I am not one to get up early unless I have to, so I totally understand when clients are reluctant to book a sunrise session at the beach.  BUT… I absolutely adore photographing family beach portraits at sunrise.  Yes, I know that seems wrong, but the light is so beautiful, the beach is deserted and we have all the sand just for us and the birds.  Plus, its the coolest time of the day, so if you want to avoid the heat, its the perfect time of day for a family portrait session at the beach.

Since we caught low tide at Summer Camp Beach, we not only had an amazing portrait session, but we spent the half hour after the session exploring the tidal pools to see fish, scallops and crabs already busy with their day.  It was one of those perfect, peaceful mornings and I love that part of their memory of their family portrait session at the beach includes that time of relaxation and exploration!

Family Beach Portraits at Summer Camp Beach (Near Tallahassee) by Long’s Photography