To all of our 2011 brides– Olyn and I were talking this week and we hate that we are always so rushed on the wedding day that sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to create all the images we have in our minds.  So, for all of our 2011 brides– WE WANT TO PLAY!  We are offering a complimentary bridal portrait session to any 2011 wedding client– the only hitch is that it has to be what we are looking to do.  These are not going to be run of the mill, Maclay Gardens type of bridal portraits, nor are they going to be “trash the dress”.  We want to work at some cool locations, play with some unconventional lighting and just have the time to do the things that we want to do.  We are looking to create lots of those images that make you stop and say “ooooh”.  This is the really artsy side of what we do and many times on the wedding day the schedule doesn’t give us enough time for these types of images.

If you are interested in “letting us play”, just send me an email and we will schedule your bridal session!  I am so excited to go play and create the kind of images that I love!