In just 7 days we received more than 4,800 votes!  We have spent the time to verify the email addresses for all the votes and after MUCH review and checking, we have a winner!  The hardest part is that the margins were so slim– the top seven were separated by only 15 votes!  We are so amazed at how hard everyone campaigned and the funny and creative ways people got votes.  So, we are having not only one winner, but also SIX runners up!

The winner receives a complimentary studio portrait session with Olyn and Linda Long and a framed 11×14 print.  Each runner up receives a complimentary studio portrait session!  All sessions must be completed no later than June 5th and are valid M-F from 9am until 4:30pm.  Session is valid for only the toddler who was in the contest and cannot be redeemed for any other type of session or transferred to anyone else.  If you are the winner or runner up, you must contact Linda to schedule your session– Linda@LongsPhotography.com


TODDLER #26– Miss Kinleigh!

Our runners up are:

Toddler 34 Kennedy

Toddler 4 Wyatt

Toddler 16 Cohen

Toddler 23 Ariel

Toddler 12 Xander

Toddler 27 Bailey