Thank you to everyone who entered and voted in our Grandparents Contest!  We have spent a lot of time going through the email addresses and verifying all the votes.  We are so thrilled to announce the winners….

Jerry & Joyce, Grandparents #1, Gramps and Grams to Joy Schneider!  This is what Joy had to say about them, “My grandparents are the best because they ARE what make my family a family. Before my mothers father (Pop) passed away we were at my grandparents for Christmas – a tradition that I love – and I had a friend, Anna, with me. My friend seemed confused and asked me why Pop and my cousins from Pops side of the family were there too – well, that is Gramps and Grams! If you need a place to go on Christmas – this is the place to be!”

I am so excited that this Christmas they will have a family portrait to help celebrate the season!  To redeem the winning session, just contact the studio to schedule a time before December 1st with the Grandparents, grandkids and everyone in the family!  Congratulations again!