Headshots are probably the least talked about part of my Tallahassee studio, but they have such an impact on our goals and businesses!  Professional headshots help to create an online and offline presence. It is the first impression prospective employers and clients have of you, and can often be the deciding factor in landing a job or contract. Headshots help to communicate a person’s professionalism and can also be used to improve a company’s brand. Additionally, headshots are a crucial piece of marketing for actors, models, and other people working in entertainment.

Way too often we neglect updating our headshot- especially if we have an old one we like!  Having an updated headshot can help you make a good impression and feel more confident. It can also help potential employers or clients get to know you better. It is important to keep your headshot up-to-date in order to better capture who you are at this moment, rather than a version of you from years ago.

When looking for a headshot photographer, it is important to find someone who is experienced and has a good portfolio of work. Consider their style and if it aligns with what you are looking for. Ask for referrals or reviews from people that have worked with the photographer in the past and make sure the photographer understands your overall needs and vision. It is also important to work with someone who is approachable and makes you feel comfortable.

When deciding what to wear for your headshot, it important to choose clothing that is appropriate for the type of headshot you are going for. Think about what look you are trying to achieve and ensure that the colors and textures look good in the final photos. Clothing should be flattering and should suit your body type and style. Accessories such as jewelry and scarves can also help add to the look of the photo and give it more personality. Neutral colors such as navy, black, or gray tend to look best, and it is important to avoid busy patterns, large logos, and strong colors.  Always consider your brand or website colors when choosing outfits or backgrounds for your next headshot session.

I would love to create an updated headshot for you, please contact the studio to start the process!


Tallahassee Headshot Photography by Long’s Photography