Some days my job is so much more than a job.  Some days I am absolutely humbled by what my work means to my clients.  Sometimes its not obvious that an image I created will be a treasured possession forever, but sometimes it is.  Alissa brought her beloved Moose or “Moo” to see me recently.  Moo has been Alissa’s dog for a lot of years, but her health has suddenly taken a rapid turn for the worse.  We all knew that these images would be Alissa’s lasting memories of Moo.  If you have ever lost someone that you love, you quickly realize the comfort of their photograph and what a invaluable possession it becomes.  As Moo prepares to cross the rainbow bridge, I pray that these images help comfort Alissa and her family.  I feel so honored to have been able to create them and to be a part of their family’s history.


moo4 moo3 moo2 moo1