Sometimes my job is more than a job.  Sometimes I have the opportunity to be a part of a family’s history.  I adore Mandi and Adam.  We were lucky enough to photograph their wedding several years ago and become friends.  I was thrilled when I learned nine months ago that they were adopting a little girl.  When Mandi called us a few weeks ago with the news that the adoption was about to be finalized, we were overjoyed for them.    We jumped at Mandi’s idea of having us come to the courthouse to photograph the adoption hearing and do a few family portraits outside the courthouse.

Never, ever did I imagine how much this would effect me.  As soon as I saw Mandi, I could tell she was nervous.  She was so anxious to meet with the judge and have the official, final approval to make this little girl part of their family forever.  We weren’t sure if the judge would allow photographs during the hearing, but I quietly stood to the side and snapped images as they swore to protect and love their daughter.  I was honestly fighting my own tears back as I watched their dreams come true.  As Adam held his little girl and Mandi’s arms were stretched along the table between Adam and their adoption counselor, I watched through my lens as the judge made the adoption official.  The image I took is one that I will personally treasure forever.  It is love and joy all captured in a single moment.  I am always honored when a family selects us to photograph them or when a bride chooses us, but this single, solitary moment is one of the most rewarding moments I have ever had as a photographer.  This image, this single moment, is where the Youngs officially became a family forever.

I love being a photographer.  I love creating memories that families will treasure.  I love being a part of a family’s history.  I love all the babies and children we get to know and love.  I love my job and I am so thankful to all my clients for making it a reality for me.  And on this day, I am especially thankful for the Young family for giving me the opportunity to capture something so very special.

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