I doubt its a secret that I love photographing women.  I find so much beauty in women– women of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors.  But beyond just capturing that beauty, when I can show a woman how beautiful she really is, and she gets to keep that image forever to remind her of it?  That is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job. 

Ashley let me choose from our new maternity dresses for her maternity portrait session at Dorothy B. Oven park.  With the rich colors and blooms in the park I really wanted to use deep jewel tone colors.  Ashley was a little skeptical since these aren’t colors she normally wears, but just look how stunning and regal she looks!  At the end of the session, I think she realized that this color palette works really well for her because of all the compliments!

Tallahassee Maternity Photography by Long’s Photography