I am absolutely overjoyed with the recent results from the International Print Competition hosted by Professional Photographers of America and also the Florida Professional Photographers annual print competition.  Judging for each of these competitions is very strict, so any success at this level is awesome!

For the International Print Competition, you can enter four images.  They are judged first to decide if they are merit images or not.  Merit images are images that are exemplary for a professional photographer, which is a very high standard.  Once all the merit images have been chosen, the judges go back to select the best of the best to be included in the loan collection.  This year, I received merits for all four of my images and two were selected for the loan collection!  Wowza!  This means for 2015, I am a PPA Gold Medal Photographer!  I also received the last merit I needed to receive my Master Photographer designation in January!  Yay!!

For the Florida competition, I entered nine images and had seven of them merit!  I also received a distinguished award and my image scores placed me in the top ten of Florida Professional Photographers!  I will receive my Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence next August for the merits I have received at the state level.

So… here are the images with their titles and info!

“One in Every Family” PPA Merit, PPA Loan Collection, FPP Merit, FPP Distinguished Award for Portrait of a Pet

tppg4“Frozen” PPA Merit, PPA Loan Collection, 2014 FPP Merit, FPP Illustrative Best in Show, FPP Illustrative Open First Placetppg5

“Possessed”, PPA Merit, 2014 FPP Merit”tppg2

“Rose Red”, PPA Merittppg1

“Shellacked” FPP Meritshellack

“Dream Dancer” FPP Meritdreamdancer

“Arctic Angel”, FPP Meritangel

“In the Spotlight”, FPP Meritspotlight

“Plastique Chic”, FPP Meritplastique

“Supernatural”, FPP Meritsupernatural