We asked our clients to go back through the year and nominate their favorite images to become our 2010 Images of the Year.  We posted them all to our Facebook page for votes and after a week of voting we have our winners!  The votes were really close, and we have a few ties, so there are 11 images rather than just 10!

I am so happy with the image that was selected as our 2010 Image of the Year.  This was from our “In His Shoes” portrait special for Father’s Day and little Aiden wore his Dad’s military gear.  Aiden’s dad was stationed in Iraq for the last year, but I am so thrilled, overjoyed and excited to say he arrived home last week just in time for Christmas!  This image was created as a surprise for his dad and I know how much it means to his mom.  I was so proud to create this for them and I am honored it will be something that they will treasure.  It is an image that really has a special place in my heart and so many people have mentioned how much they love it since we first showed it on Facebook.  So, without further adieu…. our 2010 Image of the Year!

The rest of the 2010 Images of the Year, in vote order:

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