Photo Basics (For Non-Professional Photographers): 

The next Photo Basics class will be Sunday, January 21, 2018 from 1-4pm. This class is geared to NON-professional photographers! This class is for the average person looking to take better images, understand their camera better, and who just wants to understand what all the books mean with their nonsense abbreviations. In the class, we will cover the basics of exposure, composition, camera functions and some basic photo editing using free software. The class is $99, and limited to 12 people per class. If you would like to reserve your spot in this class, or simply be added to the waiting list, contact the studio at 850.339.5799 or email

There is no basic knowledge, camera or software needed for the class. I encourage all participants to bring their cameras and a notebook with them for notes. We will begin by talking about how the camera captures and image and what goes into making the exposure. We will cover what the buttons on the camera mean and how you can use them to get better images. (While I am a Canon shooter, if you own a Nikon, Fuji, etc. I will still be able to help!) We will then talk about how composition affects the final result and how to use creative compositions to elevate your images. Finally, we will take a look at some free photo editing software, learn how to make basic adjustments and how to avoid many of the common editing mistakes. Lastly we will have a brief question period for any material we did not cover earlier in the day or anything that was confusing or unclear.

The class will not make you a professional photographer and is not recommended for professional photographers. This class is really focused at conquering the basics and getting the average person more confident in how their camera works. We will not be addressing studio lighting, off camera flash, Photoshop editing techniques, etc. In the future, if there is enough interest, we will offer more advanced and more specific classes. If you have any questions about the material to be covered or whether the class is the right one for you, email


For Professional Photographers

Professional Photographer Mentoring: $350 for two hour in person or Skype consult, 30 minute follow up, portfolio and pricing critique and Linda's signature Photoshop actions.

Professional Photographer Workflow Makeover: $999 (plus travel) Includes a full day in your studio to implement the new workflow, two hour phone or Skype consult to discuss your workflow, identify problems and solutions. Includes Linda's signature Photoshop actions, studio manual, forms and emails and intensive in person instruction to overhaul your entire studio workflow.


(Available for purchase to photographers outside of the Tallahassee/Thomasville area)

ProSelect Templates: $129 A collection five holiday cards, five birth announcements, five wall collections, and two 12x12 20 page children's albums all ready to load into ProSelect and start offering to your clients immediately.

ProShow Producer Templates: $99 A set of three different templates for Proshow Producer that allow you to create branded slideshows for your clients in a matter of seconds.

Studio Manual: $129 The Long's Photography signature studio manual. Includes our booking form, scripts on how we answer the phones, answer frequently asked questions, advice on wardrobe, etc. This manual sits by every phone in our studio and gives anyone who answers the phone immediate, informed answers on every kind of session that we offer.

Forms and Emails: $129 A copy of our wedding contract and portrait contract along with our standard emails to prepare clients for portrait sessions and order sessions. Includes our pre-session questionnaire to get the clients input on what they are looking for in their session. BUNDLE of all four packages: $350 Pick Two: $200

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