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Register to Win a Ducks & Bunnies Session

March 25 and 26, 2023 ONLY!

We believe everyone should have beautiful memories of their children captured in images they will cherish forever.  They are only little for such a small period of time!


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If selected your experience will include:

  • Waived Session Fee and an 8x10 Print ($100 Value)
  • 30 Minute Portrait Experience in the Studio Gardens
  • Order session in the studio to design the ideal displays for your images

Total Value- $100


  • Sessions are available on March 25 and 26th ONLY and scheduling is limited to the times we have left open.
  • $50 deposit is required to book your session time. The deposit applies to your order at the order session, but becomes nonrefundable if the session is cancelled or if the client no-shows for the appointment
  • Prize cannot be transferred to anyone else, only the chosen winner may redeem their session.
  • Prize includes the session and an 8x10 print. No digitals or other products or discounts are included in the contest

Are You Ready to Capture Memories for a Lifetime?

Do you ever wish you could stop time and keep your children at their age forever?  With everyone’s busy schedules, we know how hard it can be to carve out the time for portraits.  Between work, school, and the kid’s activities it may seem like an impossible task to find a time to make it happen.   The problem is when you don’t make the time, the years pass by and your children grow up right before your eyes.

At Long’s Photography we have designed our sessions to not only capture your children’s portrait, but also to provide you a fun experience full of memories that will last a lifetime.  

My favorite moment for every client is when you get to see your photographs for the first time. It’s at this moment that you can finally see the YOUR children displayed as a work of art. As these portraits hang in your home  they will only grow more precious with time.

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Enjoy Your Experience

We have photographed hundreds of children and know how to make this a fun experience you will never forget. So breathe, relax and trust that we have everything under control. 

Your portrait session will be full of laughs, hugs and memories to last a lifetime. 

At the end of your session we will schedule a time to have you come back to the studio for your personalized ordering appointment. Be sure to bring your calendar with you!